6 Influences for 2020 on Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

1. Generation Alpha

Those born during the 2010s are now known as Generation Alpha, and they are a lucrative consumer market. Collectively they are expected to be the wealthiest, most highly-educated and technologically-connected group to date. Generation Alpha are most likely to have Millennial parents and are digital natives, they know how to use your computer, tv, and mobile phone. And their selfies are cuter than yours. Tech being more meaningful in their lives than any other previous generation, this is the opportunity to create long term brand loyalty – be sure not to ignore them in 2020.

What devices are Generation Alpha most likely to use? Responsive design should be right at the top of everyone’s priority list. If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile don’t expect end-users to stick around. The best websites of 2020 will be defined by their ability to seamlessly work across all platforms.

2. Dark Mode

Used on the new iPhone update, Facebook and Instagram, these tech giants have the right idea to keep you on your device for longer; dark mode. Dark mode is a light text on a dark colour scheme which not only looks fantastically modern but helps with; readability of text reduced eye fatigue, less blue light (linked with sleeping habits!) and can save small amounts of electricity. This newly favoured dynamic design is perfect for websites which end users will want to spend a long time on, like shopping, browsing online catalogues, or even buying a house!

3. Sustainability

Consumers are smart, they don’t just care about what your brand looks like. They are looking past the facade of an earthy colour palette and expecting to see results to your business’ eco-promise. Prove that your business is making a positive contribution in areas like; cutting back on lamination on printed materials, choosing recycled packaging, what type of inks you are using and how you are distributing goods. The global issue of sustainability EVERYONE should be aware of in 2020. Take a look here at how Trident has FSC / PEFC accreditations and how this impacts our carbon footprint and that of our clients!

Responsive design should be right at the top of everyone’s priority list. If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile don’t expect end-users to stick around.

4. Isometric and 3D design

In character illustrations, 3D rendered videos for wearable tech and even on logos, we’re about to see more 3D style graphics, (take a look at the tridents Instagram page). For websites, soft shadows and floating elements are 2020s answer to parallax websites and full-width images. Using this effect with text and graphics adds fun and surprise to an otherwise 2D space. This new floaty lightweight feel to websites will mesmerise and grab attention in the same way a lava lamp will, lending itself to bright and vibrant and neon colours (bonus trend!) which if done well, will allow your website to feel youthful and optimistic. Speaking of lava lamps! Shiny fluid 3D shapes probably come from the backlash of years and years of seeing geometric triangles everywhere. Fluid designs with a liquidy feel give a creative and soft look. Used in idents, animations, websites and even in backgrounds to print work.

5. Appliance Science

But at home, we call her Alexa… Her ability to scan a website then lead an actual spoken conversation with us about it is about to evolve. We are about to see a quick rise in the “voice user interface technology” and having a conversation with the website end users are visiting is the next step. This is great news for people with disabilities enabling them to interact with websites easier. Voice search has been hailed to be “the next big thing” for a few years now and Google has evolved the way it provides search results, based on great content to allow for voice search – expect to see this grow in 2020.

6. Custom Illustrations

Custom-made illustrations are a powerful tool which all the big brands have got on board with. Having a distinctive illustration style brings brand personalities to life and offers a personal and often helpful touch. Expect to see more of this experimental, art-design hybrid especially within the corporate sector where big businesses are trying to come across friendly, banks and tech companies are at the forefront of this. A custom, eye-catching illustration can really make your brand stand out amongst the noise across end-user channels. Having a brand style which flows seamlessly from your businesses website to social links reinforces a strong brand identity.

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2020 Graphic Design and Digital Trends

Written By Rebecca Bowen
Designer at Trident