Graphic design, like most things, changes over time. Different trends move in and out of popularity influenced by what is going on in the world around us. Here we look at 7 top trends that are around in 2021.

Icons can be a powerful tool for visual communication, a simple visual narrative can be told that gives context to your social media post, blog post, infographic, or video.

1. Organic design.

As being eco-friendly and sustainable are a focus in the world at the moment, it is also having an influence on design. The organic creative uses natural shapes in warm, inviting palettes inspired by Mother Nature; botanicals using greens and neutral colours bring a real organic feel as do soft textures and curvy shapes celebrate nature and how precious the planet is.

2. Abstract futuristic.

A modern experimental trend using bold bright colours and metallics, the shapes used are geometrical and 3 dimensional. Floating objects create optical illusions and chaos, grid lines and borders connect the designs to reality. Teamed with experimental typography and bright backgrounds creates an attention grabbing design.

3. Gold and jewel tones.

This is a colour palette inspired by precious and semi-precious gemstones; Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Azure and Amber. Their deep rich colours signify wealth and status and, when used in contemporary design, they create a look of opulence and luxury. Despite the year of a global crisis in 2020, these colours have continued to grow in fashion. To complete the look, splashes of metallic add to the overall feeling of luxury. Gold, in particular, is very versatile and can be used in many variations; shiny, matt, sparkly or just as an accent or full-on glorious saturation.

4. Organised Chaos.

Two trends coming together are often at odds with each other. Organised chaos contains experimental typography, distorted text, layers, clashing colours alongside organised minimalistic structure white space and monochrome colour palettes. It has limited appeal but at the height of a global pandemic it illustrates frustration and unrest.

5. Flat icons and illustrations.

The popularity of flat icons and illustrations come and go, but one reason they keep coming back is that they can be consumed very quickly. Without text, you can still understand what the message being conveyed is. 

Icons can be a powerful tool for visual communication, a simple visual narrative can be told that gives context to your social media post, blog post, infographic, or video. 

6. SEO highlights new opportunities.

You should keep a close eye on the results your SEO is delivering. See what terms people are searching on your site and on search engines to find you. These results can show what your audience is interested in, so you know what content to create to keep bringing them back. 

7. Serif fonts.

We are currently seeing the resurgence of dramatic ornate serif fonts. After years of simple minimal fonts, this is a new direction. Designers are embracing the return of these wonderful fancy elegant letters. The key, however, is finding a balance of sophistication, style and glamour with something that can still be easily read. 

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7 Top design trends to look out for in 2021

Written By Kim Burrage

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