When starting any logo design project, the key to success lies in communication with the client and understanding the client’s business, design preferences and what the logo needs to portray.

The only way to do this at the start of the project is to ask the right questions.

the aim is always to make it hard for the client to choose as they love them all!

1. What is the company name?
This may seem a very obvious question but it plays a major role in what will be represented in the logo. Sometimes the name its self is the logo sometimes it is incorporated in the logo if it is too short it may need a strapline or too long it may be shortened to initials.

2. Which words in the company name do you want to emphasize?
If the name is made up of multiple words some words may need to carry more weight than others. They will need to stand out against those that need less emphasis.

3. Do you want to include a strapline into the logo?
This has to be done with some consideration. They can over complicate a logo however, for some clients it is appropriate to include their USP or a reference to the quality or reliability of their product or service.

4. What is your company’s area of business?
This is really important as it dictates the style of the logo, different types of business call for different sizes shapes and colours of the logo. The logo must portray what makes that business stand out from its competitors. 

Engineering, legal services or finance may suit straight lines, geometric shapes, Blues, Greys, Black. Whereas food companies, restaurants, fashion outlets, may suit curves, long flowing lines brighter bolder colours. At first glance, the logo should instantly portray something about the business.

5. Who is the target audience?
The logo needs to appeal to the client’s audience. Different age groups and demographics have very different tastes the appeal has to be quite specific and not try to cover all options or it will be less effective.

6. Who are your competitors?
Looking at their logos will allow the designer to do something different whilst still in scope for your business. The aim is to make your business stand out from the crowd in your market sector. Your opinion on other logos will help formulate ideas.

7. Do you have colour preferences?
Whilst there are certain colours which are suitable for different business types the client may have specific dislikes or preferences within these colour ranges obviously these need to be taken into account. 

8. Where is the logo going to be used? Where will it be displayed? What type of documents will it be used on?
A business will use its logo in many different places, on the website, business cards, stationery, signage. and any other uses specific to that business. All of this needs to be considered as the logo will need to work in various sizes, in colour and in greyscale.

When all the questions have been explored, the designer should have a good idea of the brief for the project and the client’s preferences. The design process can then begin. A selection of logos will be produced to fit the brief, the aim is always to make it hard for the client to choose as they love them all!

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8 questions we will ask before designing a logo.

Written By Kim Burrage
Managing Director at Trident