Is it important to connect with consumers on an emotional level? Shouldn’t we always be trying to create memorable experiences for them?

Of course we should. Delighting our audiences is a surefire way of cutting through the mass bombardment of information that they’re subjected to on a daily basis. People are only going to respond to the messages that resonate with them. And that’s why we’ve created our new platform of Audience Delight.

It’s very simple really – it all comes down to consumer satisfaction. Who are you targeting and how do you satisfy their needs? How do you ultimately gain their loyalty?

To answer that, you have to go back to the very beginning and ask yourself with every project or campaign brief “What is the business issue you’re trying to solve?”

It’s only from there that you can plan and develop a simple strategy. You never start with how you’re going to address a problem. That’s cart before the horse territory. Instead, you figure out what the issue is and, from there, you can build up a response that will delight your audience.

“What is the business issue you’re trying to solve? It’s only from there that you can plan and develop a simple strategy. You never start with how you’re going to address a problem.”

But what does that mean in the real world? Well, let’s take a look at sports, or football more specifically. The emotion is already there, the audience is already captivated, fully connected, and ready and willing to have a great experience. They’ve got the songs, the chants, and when a goal is scored, the crowd is pulled together in galvanizing ways.

Except it’s not always like that. Football clubs have often failed to appreciate that this wonderful experience is sullied by limitations and restrictions that frustrate their audience. Inflated prices, queues, shabby surroundings, these details can sour the experience. Fans don’t like to think of their clubs as a brand. But they are. And every brand needs to be meticulous in how it’s presented and perceived to set itself apart from the pack.

Another example: Carlsberg. We’re all familiar with their famous strapline – If Carlsberg did X, it would probably be the best X in the world. A great concept that understands that the audience experience is paramount. Plus, it’s a very flexible and creative thought that’s produced some exhilarating advertising over its long run.

Their Easter 2016 UK campaign was a great example. Carlsberg created a very clever experiential pop-up event in London, “If Carlsberg made chocolate bars”. And they made a giant chocolate bar. When the wrapping came off, it was revealed to be a large bar (as in, pub) made entirely of chocolate. Everything from the counter surfaces down to the glasses were all made of chocolate. The only thing that wasn’t was the beer on tap which was – surprise, surprise – Carlsberg.

Can you imagine some of the meetings leading up to the unveiling of this stunt? All the objections that people might have raised, logistical concerns, all the “it can’t be done” and “we need more time” comments? But the thing that drove this piece – the essence at its very core – was that Carlsberg knew that their audience would love it.

Delighting the audience was what led to this stunt happening in the first place and it’s a superb example of a brand putting their audience front and centre of their activity. All the considerations, like how to physically build the stand, transport problems, the expenses involved, even the big question – what if it was a sunny day and the bar melted – all of these were addressed and overcame because of Carlsberg’s determination to meet and enhance their audience’s expectations.

And that’s how we approach things at Trident. It’s not just about fulfilling criteria. With each new project, we ask ourselves “How do we create something memorable for our audiences?” It might be a brochure, a piece of social content or a responsive digital experience, or it might even be an exhibition stand. Doesn’t matter. The challenge is always the same. How do we create Audience Delight? It’s the core of everything we do, in all our campaigns. If we delight our audience, we have ready-made brand ambassadors for our clients who will be able to generate new business off that goodwill.

Audience Delight. Told you it was simple.

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Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident