Do I Need A Holding Page?

Do you need a holding page? When it comes to your business, there are many questions you’ll need to answer about all kinds of things, but this one about having a holding page may be new to you. Simply put, a holding page is a page that serves as a teaser for your brand, and while your website is being built, you can set up a holding page to give people an idea of what you do and what they can expect. 

In many cases, a holding page can be hugely beneficial to a business, and it’s far better to have one than to have a blank page or just a few words letting visitors know you’ll be there soon. With that in mind, here are the reasons why having a holding page is so important. 

You Can Raise Awareness Before You Launch

Your website’s coming soon page or holding page can help you boost brand recognition and generate excitement for the debut of your website before it goes live to the general audience. To pique the interest of your intended audience, include your logo, photographs, and a message or description in your post. Rather than seeing a blank page when someone finds your new company online, they’ll be able to glimpse what’s to come.

Having a good launch day and a lot of people excitedly anticipating the day your site goes online is possible if you develop awareness about your business, product, or personal brand in advance.

You Can Rank Better In Google 

For new websites, you’ll want to improve your SEO so that as many visitors as possible can find your new website via searching. And a holding page can facilitate you in boosting your Google ranking. To increase the SEO of your coming soon page, you can include keywords, page titles, a meta description, content, and more. Even Google’s webmaster team’s leader has said that a holding page benefits users and search engines.

One of the primary reasons you should understand the distinction between a holding page and maintenance page is for SEO purposes. If your site is under development or will be shortly, you should never install a maintenance-style plugin since it will hinder Google from indexing your new site, and your rankings will suffer as a result. 

You Can Grow Your Email List

Growing an email list even before your site goes live is one of the most significant advantages of displaying a holding page on your website. With email marketing, you can reach out to your target audience, advertise what you have to offer, and convert those who are interested in what you have to buy. Users who are interested in what you have to offer can sign up for updates on your website’s debut by adding a registration form to your coming soon page.

You can utilise a holding page to increase your social media following in addition to developing your email list. Your holding page should include symbols and feeds from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. While your website is being worked on, your audience can follow you on social networks and stay up to speed with your company.

Create a holding page for your new website to put in place while you’re building the rest of it. This is a simple method to start building connections with your target audience right from the start. Because you’re constructing your own website simultaneously, you’ll still be able to keep up with your competitors.

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Blog post by Adam Burrage

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