The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” is often associated with the concepts of charitable giving, legal compliance and “ethical” business.

We prefer to view it as a broader discipline which encompasses both our company values and our behaviour towards everybody that our business has an impact on, be it directly or indirectly. We believe that as a forward-looking business, we have a responsibility to these “stakeholders” to manage the impacts of our business activities.

That is why we have decided to come up with the #GoodEgg initiative. This initiative revolves around members of our team doing “Good Egg Deeds” in a 12 month period. These activities could be anything from doing challenging team tasks, cake sales or themed parties. The proceeds from this initiative will go towards supporting various charitable causes close to our hearts. The first charitable cause chosen is the development and support of Dorothy Goodman School in Hinckley.

This is a special school serving the Leicester, Leicestershire & Warwickshire area with 270 pupils on roll. Their pupils have a wide variety of special educational needs and disabilities including pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities, severe learning difficulties, moderate difficulties and those with Autism. The school is in the process of expansion to accommodate more students and improving their classrooms, and we believe this is a great local project to support.

The first step in our initiative happened on Friday (23rd March) when we popped into the school to give a classroom of kids a delicious chocolate Easter egg each, which brightened their day and brought some Easter joy to the class. Regarding the initiative, our Managing Partner, Adam Burrage said: “I am delighted that we are able to bring some happiness to this class at Easter and support the amazing work Dorothy Goodman have been doing for their pupils and their parents in our local community. This is just the starting point of our commitment to be ‘Good Eggs’ over the next 12 months as we look to take part in various events to raise money for the school and support other charitable organisations”.

Dorothy Goodman’s fundraising manager, Liam Deacy, was similarly pleased by the initiative: “We appreciate any contribution whether it is small or big. We truly appreciate Trident’s offer of support, It’ll make a huge difference to our students over the coming months. Kick-starting the #GoodEgg initiative by donating Easter eggs to a classroom of our pupils was a lovely gesture and really brightened up their day. I am really looking forward to seeing more of their plans in the future!”

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Trident Launch The “Be The #GOODEGG” Initiative

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident