So here we are already well into 2017, what will be happening in the graphic design world this year?

What new trends will be taking us by storm?

Take a sneak peek at the design trends to watch out for…

1. Bold typography

Daring mixed font combinations and strong typography will aim to keep the ever-shortening attention span of readers. In your face fonts, will grab the reader’s attention amongst the content overload.

2. Brighter colours

There will be a move away from muted and neutral colours like whites and Greys to bolder and brighter colours. These can be used as accents to give branding a fresh new look.

3. Authentic photos

The content overload that we all experience has created a need for authentic images to represent your brand, not generic library photos which are overused. Readers see the same images there is no originality. Stop using the library and create original images.

4. Handy gifs

GIFs are great to use when text just won’t express emotions. They can be embedded just about anywhere, they are versatile and fun. They do not need to be works of art but will definitely draw attention.

5. Hand-drawn graphics and icons

Alongside using original photography the use of illustrations will add fun back into design. They will make the design stand out from the crowd and be recognisable.

6. Duotones

Very simply the combining of two colours on an image, usually bright and contrasting. They take skill to create but the bold use of colour brings originality.

So the 2017 rebellion has begun designers are moving away from the clean and white into intense and innovative. Exciting times are ahead this year!

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Graphic Design Trends in 2017

Written By Kim Burrage
Managing Director at Trident