Logos are everywhere

They are on the clothes we wear, on the phones we use, and on the food we buy—we’re surrounded. Some logos are incredibly straightforward others are more complex.

Many of us don’t even consider what these logos actually mean beyond the fact that they represent some of our favourite brands. Many of them have a deeply rooted meaning hidden in or behind the famous symbol.

Below are 6 examples…

The Amazon logo looks like it has an orange smiley face under the word. When you look closer you can see the smile itself is in the shape of an arrow that points from the letter “A” at the beginning of the word “Amazon” to the letter “Z” in the middle. This is to signify to the audience that Amazon sells “everything from A to Z.”

The social media site Pinterest is a play on the words “pin” and “interest” as it allows you to pin the things you find interesting onto your own personal board. The pin is a crucial part to the brands identity, which has led to the hidden pin in the letter “P” of the logo.

Looking at the F1 logo people generally read the red part as being the 1, but when look focus on the white space between the black and the red the 1 stands out clearer. This part was the intended logo.

Something is hidden in that Matterhorn peak for the viewer with a keen eye. If you look at the white space in the mountaintop, you’ll see the image of a bear. This is because Toblerone is made in Berne, Switzerland and the bear is the symbol for Berne. Even the word Toblerone itself is hiding all the letters to spell out the word “Berne.”

The Le Tour de France logo features two subliminal messages. The first is the cyclist portrayed by the o and r in the word tour. The second message is the yellow circle which is intended to represent the stages of the race only take place during the daytime.

The Fed Ex logo suggests the company is moving forward and looking ahead by using the white space between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ to form a arrow. It is subtle but once you notice it, it stands out every time you look at it.

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Have You Ever Noticed What's Hidden In The Logo?

Written By Kim Burrage
Managing Director at Trident