How do you price a brochure design?

There are many factors to take into account when looking at the price of a brochure design. From the style of design to the total amount of pages (Pagination) that the brochure will consist of. Costs can vary from brochure to brochure, but generally, the points below will give you an understanding of how to best get your desired brochure within your budget

Brochure design

Will your brochure have many individual graphics or design elements needed? or will images be at the forefront of the style? An understanding of the style that you are looking for is essential before pricing up the brochure. Have you got an idea of what you are looking for, or are you happy to leave the style and design up to your Graphic Designer?


The content of the brochure will have an impact on the price of the design, Will you be supplying all of the written content or will you just outline what the brochure needs to say to the reader? The latter will add additional costs as a content writer will be needed who is capable of writing in the ‘voice’ of your industry. The images used within a brochure can often be the focal point. There are many image libraries which supply quality photographs. If your requirement is very specific then you may need to look at hiring a professional photographer to get the shots you need, which can prove costly. These all need to be factored into your budget.

The brochure’s final pagination will need to be known in order to calculate the time taken to add the content into the brochure, if not known at this stage an approximate page count can be costed up and a price given for any additional pages that are required

It’s always good to know the budget that you are working to, as suggestions can be made in order to try to meet your target costs.

Finished brochure

How will your brochure be presented, will it be viewed online or will it require printing? If you require it printed, then have this quoted up at the same time as the design, as all these costs will need to be evaluated into your total budget. Printing costs can vary drastically depending on the quantity required, pagination, paper grammage and any special finishes that are required. 

If the means of getting your brochure in front of your customers is via post then this is another additional cost to factor in. There are many different service levels of mailing which can be explored to try and meet your budget.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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