How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress Website Cost

Deciding you want to create your own website or update your current site can be a big and exciting step for your business.

WordPress is often a platform that many businesses use. In fact, over 30% of websites on the internet are made using WordPress. This content management system is well-known for its manageable structure and varying levels of development for anyone who wants to make something all their own. While WordPress itself is a free download, and you could design something yourself, to get something professional that’s going to deliver for your business you’d normally need to pay someone to do it for you. Let’s dive into the specific prices you are looking at when buying a WordPress website.

Different Elements of the WordPress Website that Come with a Price. 

Here are some aspects you might want to include within your WordPress website that will cost you money:

WordPress Hosting Plans

There are multiple hosting plans that can range as low as £10/month and reach over £150/month, depending on your website and how hands-on you want your services to be. Different options are available when it comes to hosting plans that can reflect the size and reach of your website.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

This can be utilized for smaller websites and allows access to a common server. This option is low in price and a standard choice. The price for this option could be as low as £10 a month or go as high as £40 a month.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

This allows more features to support a more complex website. Pricing can range from £30 to £180+ per month. This option maintains the production of heightened website development and design.

3. eCommerce Hosting Plans

These are ideal for an online store. Woocommerce is a well-known platform that supports and facilitates shipping and product inventory. These plans can range from £25 to £200 per month.

Domain Name

This is an important factor for your website as it is what your consumer directly interacts with first! Pricing for a domain name is typically around £5/year but can vary based on the duration of time you purchase it for, the actual name, and the domain extension can all vary the price.

Website Protection and Security

An SSL Certificate helps to keep your website protected by placing “HTTP” ahead of your URL. This secures the connection between the website and the consumer’s internet. SSL Certificates can be purchased separately, but a provider may include a free certificate if you bundle your hosting plan and domain name with them.


These add specific features to your website, like photo galleries or tool integration. These can often save significant costs compared to developing something from scratch. Some plugins are free, but others will cost you a one-off fee, or sometimes may have an annual subscription.

WordPress Design and Development Costs

Often you’re going to need help to build a site that’s really going to deliver on the needs of your business. Whilst you might be able to get by for a few months with a basic theme, you’ll eventually need to call in the experts to get something that will differentiate you from the competition and move your business forward. That’s going to cost you some money, so how much is a WordPress website going to cost?

So how much is a WordPress website going to cost to build?

This is a question that you’re often asked, and the truth is it depends. It can vary depending on the number of pages, how many design templates you require and if there is any bespoke functionality in the site that you need developing for your particular needs.

Some web design businesses at the lower end of the market might be offering a WordPress website for around £1000 which might be suitable for some businesses. Some of the largest brands in the world also use WordPress for their websites and the price for their sites may run to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

At Trident we’ll always give you an accurate quote at the start of your WordPress website project and typically or prices range between £3,000 and £20,000 depending on what your individual needs are.

Get In Touch for Advice

Starting a new website can be challenging, even somewhat scary if you are new to the world of the internet as it’s always evolving. Contacting a creative agency like Trident can be the best place to start when you are in the early steps of creating a website. Even experienced web owners can benefit from different concepts and fresh takes on ventures.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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