Whatever industry you operate in, in the modern world it’s likely your target audience is searching for the services you offer via a search engine. If you haven’t previously paid much attention to how your website is performing in search, now is the time to take a look and understand any improvements that could be made and benchmark your performance against your competitors. Let’s take a look at some vital components for achieving a top ranking in search engines.

Step one: Audit your website

Your website needs to be structured in a way that makes sense to the search engines; there are website design requirements that support better rankings and therefore you need to understand how your current website performs. We can tell you what works and what needs some tweaking from an SEO perspective, as well as auditing your main competitors to provide insight into what you may need to do to outperform them on the search engine results pages, so get in touch with us to start the auditing process.

Step two: Research your keywords

To increase your chances of ranking, you need to have researched a list of the most relevant keywords to your business and ensure the content on the website has been created with these in mind. Your keywords should be a fine balance between relevancy and volume. There are a host of tools to help you understand your current rankings and your keyword opportunities, but when time is in short supply, this can be an arduous task. When looking for an SEO agency, Leicester-based experts such as us can help you to find, organise and go after the keywords that matter the most to your business.

Step three: Optimise your website

There are a host of on-page SEO techniques that help to contextualise your landing pages to the users and the search engines. SEO practices should always be done with a user-first approach; if you are doing it purely for the benefit of Google then you shouldn’t be doing it. Make sure title tags contain your target keyword for that page and your brand name, include relevant headers, make sure images have a descriptive image alt tag, and above all, keep content informative, entertaining and relevant.

Step four: Build quality links

Building links is still imperative to modern SEO practice. Link building passes a little bit of authority from one website to another, and the website the link points to benefits from this as Google understands this as a vote of quality and trust. The process of link building can be tricky to get right, which is why we recommend speaking to specialists such as ourselves.

We are a trusted and award-winning creative agency; Midlands-based, we are perfectly placed to service businesses large and small across the Midlands and beyond. Contact us today to get your SEO journey underway.

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SEO 101: How to rank in this competitive market

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident

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