The importance of having a responsive website for your business

A responsive website is a must-have for any business. It enables a website to scale to size according to whatever device it is viewed upon. Here’s why a responsive website is so important.

Improved user-experience

Since responsive website design adjusts the size of a site based on whether it’s viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone, this means that users can enjoy easy viewing without the worry of distorted images or a layout that’s hard to fathom. Essentially, a website builder that uses responsive design will give viewers the best experience possible when navigating your site.

As well as being visually appealing, when responsive design is employed, there’s no need to worry about web pages being slow to load. This is one of the biggest bugbears of web users, where a slow loading site can turn viewers away and potentially lose you business.


When you employ an experienced website design Leicester business such as Trident Design to create a responsive website, it can save you time and money in the long run. Responsive design involves creating a single site that is flexible for different devices. This means that you don’t need to have more than one website built according to each device. If you want to make any amendments to your site further down the line, you only need to complete the changes once with responsive design, making it a flexible and affordable option.

Competitive edge

With more than half of online searches now being conducted using mobile devices, it makes sense to ensure your website is designed for use to attract the widest audiences possible. By using responsive design, you are covering all your bases with regards to use of devices, ensuring all target groups are captured. This helps to give your business a competitive edge over those web owners who aren’t yet optimised for responsive design.

Improved SEO

Investing in responsive website design not only makes your site look better and creates a much-improved user-experience, but it’s good news for those wishing to boost their SEO profile. Google favours those websites that have been built using responsive design, so it’s a worthwhile strategy to improve your ranking on search listings.

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The importance of having a responsive website for your business

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident