What are the common SEO mistakes?

By now, every company should understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost traffic to their website by increasing their rank on search engines, whether Google, Bing or even Yahoo. However, too many companies still make a variety of common SEO mistakes that impact their company’s potential. If you want to boost your search engine ranking, it’s worth considering whether your company is making any of these mistakes. 

Choosing the Wrong Keywords 

SEO is all about picking the right keywords, but it’s not as simple as choosing every word (and alternative word) you can find in your thesaurus. Knowing the right keywords all comes down to knowing your audience, which is something too many businesses ignore. A common mistake involves using generic keywords rather than focusing on unique – and longer – strings of keywords. Instead of highlighting a keyword for plumbers lean into the specifics. Where is the plumber? What do they specialise in? These specifics will help your web pages climb search engine rankings. 

Failing to Optimise Your Website 

Even the best keywords can’t help you if you fail to optimise your website. Slow loading speeds and a lack of mobile integration are two undeniable reasons why your website is bad and why you should make changes. As search engines test your website’s speed before considering a ranking, you must make sure it is as fast as possible. 

Not Creating Valuable Content 

Content is king in the modern world, which is why so many successful businesses emphasise its importance. Creating valuable content is not as straightforward as it appears, though, which is where many companies trip up. You need to keep your content updated and ensure it is unique if you want to optimise your website and ensure better rankings. A content calendar can help with this as it enables you to plan months of content and ensure you do not write something that has already been posted. 

Ignoring the Importance of Meta Tags

Meta tags are the secret ingredient for boosting your ranking on search engines. While it can seem complicated to first-time marketers, the reality is far simpler. It only takes a few minutes per blog post to add meta tags for the small preview you see under the link on Google and similar search engines. You can also use alt-text for images, making your content even more appealing and ensures it impacts your ranking positively. 

Lack of Cross-Channel Integration 

Your SEO approach should not be confined to your blog posts. If you want to maximise your company’s ranking potential, you need to remember how SEO is affected by cross-channel integration. If you make a blog post and share the link via Instagram, use matching keywords as hashtags. It helps to generate a communication culture with your brand’s social media department to ensure everyone is on the same page. Doing so means everyone is fully aware of which keywords you want to push. 

Boosting your SEO potential can be highly beneficial for your company. If you are struggling to find the magic formula for SEO success, using an SEO agency like Trident could be the fortunate turn your business needs, so get in touch today to find out more.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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