What Are The Steps Of Printing Brochures?

Are you looking to print brochures? If so, this article is for you.

Print brochures when planning an event like a trade show or meeting. Brochures can be used as invitations or handouts at conferences attended by the public.

Included in this article, you can find helpful guidelines for designing and printing your next printed brochure. These guidelines will assist you in creating the best piece that will communicate with your intended audience.

Printing Guidelines:

Use High-Quality Paper

A high-quality paper can make or break your new brochure. Make sure you’re using the right stock and always request a paper sample if you are not sure. Also, be sure to use a paper that is opaque enough so that any ink ‘show through’ is minimal.

If you want to promote an eco-friendly image, recycled paper or vegetable-based inks will be an excellent choice.

Ensure Quality Inks

For the best results ensure quality inks are used, If printing onto silk paper then a clear seal may be needed to keep marking and smudging to a minimum. Also, using a gloss or matte finish for your paper will have an effect on the vibrancy of the colours.


The most cost-effective size for your brochure is an A size – A6, A5, A4.
The final pagination of your brochure should be a page count that is divisible by 4.


Use a template to help layout your document and ensure that all images and text are in the correct places.


An image is worth a thousand words; be sure to have a compelling vision or graphic on your front cover page.


Ensure that all text and images are set to CMYK. Corporate colours should all be set to the same colour breakdown so that they print consistently throughout the brochure.

Brochure finish

There are typically two Brochure finishes, Saddle Stitched and Perfect Bound, Saddle-stitched brochures consist of folded pages stapled together and trimmed to size. These are generally used for smaller paginations up to around 64 pages, but this also depends on the paper thickness. Perfect bound brochures are a little more premium and can cater for larger paginations. The brochure pages are folded and glued to the outer cover, then trimmed to the finished size.


Request a pdf proof of the brochure before the factory begins printing bulk copies of your piece. This will allow you to ensure that all of your edits have been made so you can catch any mistakes or avoid having to reprint your entire run.

Ready To Print

Here at Trident we can save you the hassle, and guide you on size, shape, quantity, print finish, press options and budget. Now that you are aware of helpful tips for getting the best results when printing brochures, you are ready to design and print your next project! Contact us for more information.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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