A big question that needs to be broken down into elements to fully understand.

There are 2 main elements Graphic and Design which combined together produce visual communications


“Graphic” is the visual element. It’s expressive, imaginative and artistic involving lots of different mediums like drawing, painting, engraving, all giving clear visual detail. The visual elements that are combined to create graphic design are line, colour, shape, texture, space, form and typography. Our creativity guides us to choose these elements in various combinations and layouts to create a look and feel the visual communication of an idea.


Design is deciding on the look and function of something before it is made. This involves thinking, problem-solving, considering practicality. In graphic design, there are rules which have to be followed “The principles of Design.” All these principles have a relationship with each other and appear in every well-designed piece of work you see. A good grasp of design theory will mean there is always substance and thought behind the work. The key principles of design are contrast, alignment, hierarchy, balance, contrast, proximity, repetition, simplicity and function.

These are brought together, the visual elements the graphic and the design principles together, create a Graphic design. It is not drawing or painting or creating a logo on the computer it is the organisation and presentation of information developed through a creative process. When starting a graphic design project, we must first understand the brief, what is the purpose of the piece of work, what is the message it is giving, what is the tone of voice, who is the audience? Then research can begin, thinking, imagining, developing to and create a solution. To create a concept that communicates the information and tells a story puts forward an idea or message in a visual way. It’s only when there is a solid idea developed can the design process skills be used to formulate colours, layout, type and imagery to bring the idea to life.

Graphic design now is implemented across a wide spectrum of print and digital mediums. Communicating messages, shaping our thoughts and influencing our culture.

Originally the only tools available to do this were pencil and paint on paper. Now there are many tools to explore computers, cameras, printers. Since the development of the printing press which enables reproduction on a mass scale, we have been surrounded by visual graphic communications worldwide. Graphic design now is implemented across a wide spectrum of print and digital mediums. Communicating messages, shaping our thoughts and influencing our culture.

Being a part of that now involves jobs in very varied areas including advertising, web design, branding, magazine production, packaging, infographics, signage, to name but a few. Through these different mediums, our world is being influenced. The combination of the two entities creates an artistic expression and practical application, to produce great visual communications.

So, what is the future of graphic design?

It will continue to depend on technology to create interesting and compelling concepts and designs. As the quality of 3D augmented reality improves in quality designers will have more and more ways of expressing their ideas. These advances in technology will increase designers use of computer-aided design moving them away from traditional methods into the virtual world.

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Written By Adam
Managing Partner at Trident