Why Is Promotional Merchandise Important?

What is promotional merchandise?

Promotional merchandise refers to merchandise that promotes your product. Normally, this is done by including your logo on products, but can be done in other ways as well.

When people think of promotional merchandise, they sometimes think of pens and coffee mugs that are given away as gifts rather than an important part of a marketing strategy. In truth, promotional products can have a significant and positive impact on customer conversion and sales.

Why is promotional merchandise important for your business?

During your next campaign, consider these six ways that promotional items can benefit your business.

  • Builds brand awareness. You know how important your clean, memorable logo is to building brand awareness in digital spaces. Why not build brand awareness offline too by putting your logo on promotional merchandise that your customers will use every day? Pens in particular are great for building brand awareness, as they can easily get passed from person to person. Though someone who sees your pen may not be looking for your services at the moment, when the time comes, they’ll remember your brand.
  • Promotes a product or service. If you have a specific product or service you want to promote, give potential customers a taste of these through promotional merchandise. For example, sample packets with that new hand cream your business has developed will not only promote your brand, but also the product itself.
  • Improves brand perception. When developing promotional products, don’t just slap your company’s name onto a cheap product. A pen that runs dry within a few days won’t build brand awareness, but a high-quality pen that becomes someone’s new favourite will help your brand stick in their mind as one that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Longer lifespan than trendy marketing methods. That digital ad campaign you put out may have been a huge success, but at the end of the day, it was only there for a few weeks. Promotional gifts last months, if not years. This means you’ll continue to promote your brand without spending additional money.
  • Shows your audience you care. Although you’re getting a return on your investment by offering promotional gifts, giving away products for free tells your audience and prospective customers that you care about them. It also shows that you value your brand enough to let it speak for itself before asking for their money.
  • Reinforces what you stand for. As a customer-focused business, offering promotional merchandise reinforces your commitment to your clients.

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Blog post by Adam Burrage

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