Many businesses don’t realise that promotional products can really help with the branding of your company and can be a great complement to your business. Promotional merchandise, branded with your company name and/or logo should be considered an investment and part of the marketing budget. They are not only for companies that attend trade shows, even though that might be what they are best known for. Giving away promotional gifts to your current and potential customers can aid in branding, improve their opinion of your company, help with remembering your products and services and will eventually increase sales. This platform is less expensive and more effective than other forms of advertising and marketing.

Everyone likes to receive something for free. Promotional product recipients do not mind getting a gift with a brand name or logo on it and accept it as part of the exchange. Once they keep the product and use it, they become more familiar with your company name and therefore, more likely to purchase from you when needed. Promotional merchandise helps recipients remember your company and the products or services you offer.

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Written By Kim Burrage
Managing Director at Trident