Small designs that have a big impact on your audience

A well-designed logo is a beautiful thing

The winged ‘swoosh’ of the Greek goddess in the Nike logo, the nod to Newton in the Apple logo, the arrow that connects the A-Z in the Amazon logo.

The strongest logos aren’t a random combination of font and graphics, but a well-thought through process of messaging and design

As the foundation of your visual identity, your logo design is what grabs attention, makes you memorable and separates you from competitors. It’s also the most hard-working element of your branding, so it pays to invest in the research, development and professional design to get it right. Done correctly, it might not give you Amazonian-level superpowers. But it will inspire excitement, familiarity and brand loyalty.

what does your logo say about you

What does your logo design say about you?

We’re straightforward and transparent, cutting through the technical speak to deliver projects with maximum confidence and minimum stress.

The Trident logo design process

We work with you to understand the values and feelings you want to communicate about your business, creating bespoke logo designs that trigger positive reactions from your audience.


Building your strategy

We work with you to understand your ideal customer and then create an SEO strategy to target them through organic search. This involves understanding what phrases your customers use, how to structure and optimise your website, reverse engineering competitor performance, discovering top backlink opportunities, and more. Like all forms of marketing, SEO strategies need to be updated so we review and update every three months.


Implementing your strategy

Once we’ve created your initial SEO strategy, we start to implement it. This requires a frequent ‘gap analysis’ of your current SEO versus your ideal SEO. We review all areas relevant to SEO performance and take the required actions. This consists of (but is not limited to) onsite changes, technical changes, Google My Business changes, copy improvements, blog creation, backlink outreach and creation, competitor reviews, and more.


Tracking and adjusting

Once we’ve implemented your SEO strategy, we keep a close eye on any performance impacts. Not only does this show us what’s working and what’s not, but it enables us to amend the ongoing strategy. We have a strong focus on using reporting to create actionable insights as opposed to reporting for ‘reporting sake’. We’ll provide you with monthly reporting updates and will involve you in any strategy changes that arise.

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How graphic design can make your business stand out

For small and medium sized businesses, creativity can level the playing field: helping you to punch above your weight and get noticed above bigger competitors. 

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  • EWith SEO services, your website will rank on page one or two, within three months.
  • EWe have simplified buying options, so you understand what you are buying.

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Trident’s logo design guarantee

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