Great graphic design is essential for all businesses and has a large role to play in the modern on and offline business world. Businesses need the services of graphic designers to create impressive marketing materials that will portray their brand identity across all mediums.

Here are examples of 3 graphic design products which all businesses need.

Your own set of icons or symbols that are instantly recognisable as your brand and will catch follower’s attention.

1. Logo design and brand identity

The starting point is always a great logo, it is important as it is one of the first things people see about your business it’s your opportunity to make that all important first impression. A well-designed logo will portray quality service, professionalism and your values. As it will be used on all your marketing materials it must be striking, memorable, and differentiate you from your competition plus portray you as a leader in your field. Logos can have symbolic connections and must connect with people’s memories and emotions. Choosing the right colours is key, select colours based on the feelings you want consumers to experience and actions you want them to take. Consider the human psychology of colour to create the right look and feel. If your logo looks cheap and unprofessional prospects will question how well you are able to meet their needs and provide the level of service they are looking for. Particularly when browsing the web people make snap decisions and poor design allows people to leave.  A professionally designed logo will bring all these elements into play and get the best possible result for your business.

2. Social media assets

The success of social media depends not only on content but also on great graphics. They increase engagement, improve user experience and make content more effective. Good graphics will make your business stand out in the crowded online market place no one will notice you unless the visuals grab their attention. The aim is to have a striking clear identity which sits with your logo and brand making your business clearly recognisable. Images with an instant impact which people like sharing are good and going to be remembered. Your own set of icons or symbols that are instantly recognisable as your brand and will catch follower’s attention. As you build your social media following.

3. Website design

Graphic design is a fundamental part of any website design. Alongside the usability of the site, it is how your business is portrayed it is essential to look professional and have the ability to hold the visitor’s attention whilst they look round. The colours, style of graphics, images, button controls, banners all paint a picture of your business and can also affect usability. Users will move on quickly if the graphics do not make the navigation clear and simple. A good design will boost the value of your site a bad design will lose prospects and leave the user with a bad experience. Visitors are more likely to consider your content to be of value and worth reading if the pages have aesthetic appeal.

Above are just 3 examples of how graphic design is essential to any business, but it needs to be used across all marketing channels and mediums. Being consistent is key to developing a strong brand that clients and prospects will become familiar with, follow and engage with. A strong visual presence will allow you to confidently communicate and showcase your products and expertise.

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What are three examples of graphic design products that are used frequently in the business world?

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident