If you have a website, then you are going to need to think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In simple terms, SEO is how you optimize your site and your content so that it appears higher up the search engine rankings on sites like Google and Bing for your target keyword. 

The search engines themselves have their own criteria that they use to evaluate and rank websites.  These search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to ranking content and now place focus on the user experience.  A great user experience boils down to a quick, well-designed website, with relevant content.

Relevance is a major component of modern SEO. How well a site’s content matches the search terms used is vital and can have a huge effect on your search engine rankings.

A word of caution, don’t be tempted to produce loads of poor quality, keyword targeted content just for the sake of it.

How to make your content relevant

If you take the time to make sure that your content is relevant, then users are going to engage with that content, rather than simply looking for answers elsewhere. This shows that your site is relevant to that particular search term. 

So how do you ensure that your site is relevant? Well, there are a number of basics you’ll have to cover in order to improve your rankings. This includes doing your keyword research to make sure that you’re targeting the right ones and maintaining a good keyword density throughout your content. Thankfully, the days of keyword stuffing are over, not only does it look bad, but it will directly affect your credibility with visitors as your content will read badly and make you look unprofessional. 

Keep on top of your technical SEO too, this includes making sure that your title tags and meta descriptions are all up to date and relevant to your content and search terms. 

A word of caution, don’t be tempted to produce loads of poor quality, keyword targeted content just for the sake of it. Users are far more sophisticated than this. They are looking for quality, relevant content. Concentrate on creating better content rather than more of it, it will ultimately benefit your rankings. 

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What is SEO in simple words?

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident

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