What’s the quickest way to build a website?

What’s the quickest way to build a website? Simple 7 hacks to make your life easier. Sometimes when that big event, new product or big marketing campaign creeps up on you and you need a new website, like yesterday. The problems with rushing your new website are infinite, from incorrect pricing, broken links and hasty design choices. But there are ways to speed up the process…

Here are a couple of tips that will help you through making your new website something to be proud of, especially if you’re in a hurry:

1. Analyse your previous website

In order for your new site to be exactly what you want, start with looking at what worked and what didn’t work on your previous site, reflect on it and ask yourself:

  • Why do I need a new design or overhaul?
  • What hasn’t been accomplished with my existing site?
  • How will a new website help my business?

The answers to these questions can help you and your designer to really understand what is needed for your business and inform goal setting for your new site.

2. Is your branding ready?

Including your brand styles on your website will mean your site will come across as credible and consistent with the rest of your business, before you start your site you’ll need a minimum of:

  • A logo
  • Fonts and colours that are in line with your identity 
  • A mission statement, values and a tagline that you use to solidify your messaging 

You’ll probably already have these for your business but, if you don’t check out our graphic design services

3. Check all of your images, and make sure you do have permission to use them

If you have purchased from a stock library you will be covered by the licence from the stock library. If you have had your photos taken professionally at your business, you need permission from the people in the photographs, especially if they include children or vulnerable adults.

4. Enlist a copywriter 

Hiring a copywriter will ensure that your tone of voice is kept consistent. They will cover all your main bases including; incorporating keywords and phrases for SEO, ‘call to actions’ to ask your customer to buy or enquire, internal links and structure. They cover so many bases most people wouldn’t even think to write, trust us, they are worth it! 

5. Proofread everything!

Proofread and check everything before you put it on your website and proofread it after you have put it on your website, especially if you have pricing and product descriptions on your website. If you struggle spotting errors, installing Grammarly on your internet browser is totally worthwhile.

6. Do you have our domain ready?

You might already have a domain from your previous website, in which case it’s time to dig out that old password earlier than later and pass it on to your designer so there are no delays after your site is completed. If you are new to the website game, your domain is as important as your brand name- which isn’t always available. Our tips for domains are:

  • Get a web address your customers are familiar with, if your customers are based in the UK stick to .co.uk
  • We recommend GoDaddy, you can buy your domain there, prices starting from 89p for your first year 
  • Make sure your domain is easy to pronounce and spell
  • Make sure it doesn’t spell something else, we know you know what we mean.

7. Finally Announce it on social media a couple of days after you go live 

Just in case! Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress, it’s okay if your website launch is delayed by a day. By all means share it with your team, your mom and your friends and see if they spot anything with fresh eyes, then after that shout it from the rooftops! 

If you want to find out more about website design or speak to someone about the quickest way to build a website. Consult with Trident’s web design and development professionals and build a fantastic website with us.

Blog post by Rebecca

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