When YouTube first launched, video was something that was reserved for big brands and big budgets.

Now, it’s available to almost anyone, from teenagers in their bedroom to every business across the globe. Technology has become cheaper and easier to use and it’s no longer companies with big budgets that can utilise the power of video.

Consumers across the board are consuming more and more videos online and video can add real value to your marketing. That doesn’t mean to say it can be boring, corporate or an equivalent of PowerPoint with animation and a dull voice droning over the top. To reach people and get people to take notice, video has to be planned and executed with your audience in mind.

Here are some of the reasons why video can add value to your marketing:

1. Videos can build trust

For people to buy they will need to trust your business and content about your business or product can build relationships and trust. With video you can build trust, by not selling and giving interesting and useful information that will benefit them. Video can generate emotions and engage an audience in 60-90 seconds, which is much quicker than an image or a blog post.

2. Video can really show what your company is like

If you’re a service business and don’t have a product to showcase, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore video. Video is a really great way to show what your business is really about, show off your culture and personality. If you spend time planning a well thought out video you can really tell a story that can sell you as a company to potential new customers.

This is a great example of a B2B service based video that speaks directly to the user, in a clear but direct way and keeps it nice and light hearted with some good humour.

3. Video can show not tell

You can tell people about your product or service if you write about it and you can include some pictures, but with a video you can show your product in action. You can also show customers how to use your software platform with all the key features that will make their life easier, in a much more personal way than a manual ever could.

4. Video is loved by google

Google is pretty fond of video. Particularly as video means people will spend longer on your website and engage with your brand. If you have a video embedded on your homepage you’re 53 times more likely to appear on page one on Google. Since YouTube is owned by Google videos can help with your SEO.

5. Video can be drive leads and sales

You can persuade and motivate people to take action via video, so it shouldn’t be discounted as something that can only raise awareness. Used correctly you can use video to your advantage to get leads or a sale. Even if you’re being helpful with a how to guide, there should always be an opportunity to upsell, gather data or a call to action.

Whenever the video is distributed, you should include a click through to your website, or product that is being sold. Keep in mind the end goal when producing the video and use this to power your marketing and sales funnel.

6. Video is consumed across all platforms

It’s super easy for video to be consumed across all platforms, so you can keep your company front of mind, on people’s computer in the home or office, or whilst they are sat on the train into work. Google estimates that video is going to be 75% of the internet’s traffic by 2020. That’s an increase of 20% since 2015.

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Why Video Ia More Important Than Ever To Reach Your Audience

Written By Adam Burrage
Managing Partner at Trident