Do I need a website?

It should be no surprise to anyone, at this point, that the internet dominates the business world. When you look for a business, you tend to look for it online. But the question is: does that apply to your business? Do you really need a website and what benefits does it really offer your business?

Not to spoil the suspense, but the answer to the first question is an emphatic “YES, you do need a website.” Even if you are already active on social media, there are drawbacks to not having a website and advantages that come with it that shouldn’t be ignored.

A website gives you a space of your very own online

One of the big drawbacks of trying to operate only through a Facebook profile or other social media channels is that you don’t own it. At any point, these social media sites can (and have) changed the rules on now only your own page, but how you can advertise and post outside of it. With websites, there are far fewer limitations, allowing you much more control.

People expect websites from professionals

Websites can help your business look a lot more professional. First of all, you can make it fit your branding right down to the background, images, and the font of every letter. Furthermore, business websites look much more bespoke, purpose-driven, and prestigious than Facebook pages, which all tend to share the same sort of aesthetic.

It makes your brand more visible and recognisable

Your website is also a great tool for getting found more easily, especially if you invest some time into search engine optimisation, which makes it easier to find via Google. In turn, this can see people encountering your business more regularly, getting on the first step of the conversion process. It also leads to better recognition. People are more likely to trust businesses that they recognise.

It’s hugely effective at marketing

Websites are so vital because they are so good at marketing. Your website is your opportunity to catch your audience’s attention, sell them on your product, and provide them with an easy next step towards conversion. What’s more, a website gives you content to share through your social media channels.

It’s vital for selling online

Whether you’ve always sold products online or you’re making the transition from brick and mortar, having your website can make it even easier to sell products than through exiting marketplaces. You have no competition on your own store, and you can arrange it to show the benefits and qualities of your products and services as best as possible.

Set up your website with the help of Trident

Getting a website for your business doesn’t need to be too difficult or complex. Work with Trident and we can help you get it up and running, with a website design that helps you hook your customers and reach your business goals, not to mention a website build process that takes care of all the hard work for you.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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