How Do I Fix A Bad Website Design?

Your company’s website will form part of its public face. You’ll need to make sure that it holds up and represents you well. If it doesn’t, you could miss out on business. Making sure it looks and reads well is relatively difficult. If you’re not trained in web design or a similar field, it could feel like it’s next to impossible. That shouldn’t be the case. Fixing a bad website design can be easier than you’d think. You can easily take advantage of these few ideas to make quick improvements. While these could feel overwhelming, they should be easy to implement. You should focus on a few from the start.

3 Tips For Fixing A Bad Website Design

1. Focus On Fonts

Your website’s fonts matter much more than you’d expect. That’s especially true for legibility and readability. Keeping the text relatively large will make sure that it’s easy to read. You’ll need to offset this with visuals, careful though, going too large could be off-putting to readers. Having a nice balance between larger headlines and smaller paragraphs will make things easy to follow for your users. The exact font you choose will also matter, as that can affect the tone of voice for your business. It is well worth spending time finding the best one for you.

2. Address Your Graphics

Well-made graphics can be an important aspect to your website and marketing. The key here is to make sure they’re well-made, and all match! Once they are, you’ll have a certain amount of pride with them. That could lead you to plaster them across your site. You should avoid this. Overusing them will clutter your website while also causing its loading time to increase. You should concentrate your graphics on a few specific areas. These include:

  • Logos
  • Title Bars
  • Navigation Icons
  • Pictures

While there could be other graphics that you want to use, you should limit yourself to the above as much as possible.

3. Less Is More

Many entrepreneurs think they need to include a lot of information on their websites. That normally leads to a significant amount of text and multiple images and graphics being used. Though some of these assets can be helpful, you shouldn’t go overboard. Less is more for many people. White space can make the most important parts of your website stand out. That’ll drive attention to where you want it. Removing unnecessary elements will also make the website easier to navigate. It could also make your site more visually appealing, as it’ll look sleeker and more modern.

Wrapping Up

While fixing a bad website design will take some time and effort, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Concentrating on a few areas will make sure that your website works for you. Your company will benefit in multiple ways, including:

  • Looking more professional.
  • Drawing in customers.
  • Improve your branding.
  • Tell a better brand story.

To properly take advantage of these, you’ll need to put in the time and effort to do so. Many entrepreneurs will have difficulty managing this will the countless other things they’ll have to look after. Sometimes, fixing a bad website design is as simple as working with the right creative agency. Expertise and experience can be more than helpful, so why not take advantage of them? Let us help you. Contact us today for help improving your website design.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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