Where do I start when planning to build a website?

Building a new website is a complex task; it requires attractive UI design, functional backend development, content creation and much more. When planning to build a website, strategically developed steps can help you manage your budget, organise your task and build a functional website efficiently. 

Thoroughly planning a website can greatly impact its success, whether you work individually or in an organisation. In this blog, we will help you get your new website ready to launch in five easy steps. Here are the steps to guide you through the process. 

  1. Identify your website purpose and goals

Before building your website, establish the goals that it will accomplish and the purpose behind creating website. When identifying the website goals, it is important to consider your target audience and how they will use your site. 

Setting a purpose and goals can help you make an informed decision in the website building process. Ask the following questions to yourself to identify your goals and purpose effectively. 

  • What is the main function of your site?
  • Will your website be static or dynamic and publish new content daily?
  • Who is the target audience for your website?
  • What kind of information can visitors get on your website?
  • Will users purchase products on your website?

2. Create a sitemap 

Once you understand your website’s purpose and goals better, create a sitemap or content outline for your website. A sitemap provides a visual representation and overview of each webpage of your website.

A sitemap will make it easy for you to understand your website’s structure better. It will guide you throughout the planning process and provide references to build a website. 

3. Decide what features you will include

At this step, you can begin with deciding on essential components to include in your website. Consider the important features and how you will allow users to navigate your website. 

This step will help you with how you want to represent your website visually. A well-designed website has a significant influence on its success.  

4. Create content strategy

Construct a content strategy for your website with the idea of what type of features you will include. A website is nothing without its content. It plays an important part in shaping your website’s success. 

It is important to choose content which can reach your target audience effectively. Choose 2 or 3 types of content you want to publish to start your website while expanding your content strategy later. 

5. Test and launch the website 

Once your website is ready, you feel enticed to share it with the world. But before you do so, it is essential to run numerous tests to ensure your website is ready to launch. By testing your website’s performance, you can ensure you are offering the best to the world. 

Website testing can take various forms, such as checking browser compatibility, checking your webforms, running speed tests, proofing your content, checking 404 errors and optimising your website for different devices. 

If you want to learn more about website planning or how to get our services for your new website. Consult with Trident’s web design and development professionals and build your dream website with us.

Blog post by Adam Burrage

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