Brochure Vs Catalogue, what do I need?

Brochure Vs Catalogue, what do I need?

Brochure Vs Catalogue, which one do you need? Similarly, a brochure and a catalogue contain information about a business and its services and products on offer. So, what are the main contrasts between a brochure and a catalogue? A brochure tends to show selected services or products that the company would like to promote. Thy usually contain information about the company itself, sometimes the history and an introduction. On the other hand a catalogue would display all the products available.

Do you need a Brochure?

A brochure contains promotional or advertising material. They usually include:

  • A short intro to the company
  • Details and variations of products
  • Great photos of the products
  • Service the business offers
  • Offers

A travel brochure is a great example. They generally contain adverts from 3rd parties. This can go a long way to contribute to the cost of your brochure, by selling advert space on your pages.

Brochures are usually printed on high-quality paper. They can have cover finishing options like matt lamination, foil blocking, embossing or spot UV varnish as a way to enhance the quality and promote the impression of the company. 1st impressions of the brochure are important in advertising the business. Regardless of the finish catalogue design is fluid and dependent on the content and photographs that it will display.

Or would a Catalogue work better for you?

Generally, catalogues contain a full list of all the products that a company has to offer. We suggest that your page is displayed in sections, so the customer can easily find the service or product that they are looking for. We say that it should also contain contents and an index to allow for easy location of what the customer is looking for. A description and the price go with each product.

A catalogue holds all the information on the items that the company is offering. A small product photograph of the product is displayed too. The design of a catalogue tends to be uniform, and can be linked up to a database. Once the database is made, we can set up the catalogue to pull from the database to your page design to save time e.g:

  • Data
  • Product code
  • Product Description
  • Price
  • Colour variations
  • Material

Finally, there is no set size of a brochure or catalogue, the length depends on the number of services or products that the business is providing. We suggest that the best value for money size for printing is; an A size (A5, A4, A3) DL size is also a popular choice for a trade directory, as this can easily be carried around and used when you are on the move.

If you’re still deciding on which works better for you, brochure Vs catalogue, at Trident Design & Print we are always available to discuss your needs and can offer advice on paper, size and cover finishes.

Blog post by Mark Brocklehurst

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