Mindful Mortgages

Repositioning a rapidly growing mortgage broker

Mindful Mortgages, capture the emotion of buying a home. They don’t just about find the right financial solutions for their clients, it’s about connection. Real, honest and heart-centred connection.

The Website

Alongside outlining the services Mindful Mortgages provide, they needed to have a cohesive space for their, testimonials, journal and useful links.

Putting customer testimonials on your website (especially from reputable sources) create a self-fulfilling prophecy regarding your companies connection with your potential new clients.

The Website

Blogs give you something to share and talk about on your social media channels which link directly back to your website through metadata. The Mindful Mortgages blog is used to outline the paced-paced changes around buying a property in the U.K, useful tips and moving advice.

Useful Links
The useful links page in the website had to accommodate; affiliated links, sister companies and useful downloads, whilst it being easy to navigate and look great!


Calendly allows Mindful Mortgages clients to book meetings in slots that suit both parties, this is perfect for what Sam and the team need! (It also easily integrated with Google Mail, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar so they’ll never be double-booked). They can; set buffer times between meetings, prevent last-minute meetings and create internal event types.

Sam Cattell

Mindful Mortgages

“Choosing Trident for our website design has been such a great decision. Adam explained everything to me and really understood what I was looking for. Rebecca captured the look and feel in the design perfectly and the rest of the team also worked hard behind the scenes to ensure we are happy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them for not only the design but also the ongoing service.“

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