What is the best card for business cards?

What is the best card for business cards?

Physical business cards still have an impact in today’s world of digital technology. One paper communication that is still very popular and used to great effect are business cards. But there’s so many paper weights, types and finishes, what is the best card for business cards? Here we have outlined some of the most popular terms.

There is a vast choice available for your business card, from the paper used, shape, creased and folded. The type you chose allows for more information, to special finishes designed to make your card stand out from the crowd.

The Paper

The paper you use is an important factor in your decision when producing your business cards as the card represents not only yourself but your company as well.

Choose between recycled stock, which is uncoated and quite rustic in feel, or a premium silk material that will show off the fine details and vibrant colours of your design. We recommend going for at least 350gsm in paper weight. There are lighter options out there but they can appear to feel inferior and not always a good first impression to hand out to your potential new client.

The Finishes

There are also many finishes that can be applied to the card like matt lamination, which offers some protection to the card. A popular lamination that is currently used to a great effect is soft-touch lamination. This looks similar to the matt option but has a velvety soft feel which is very tactile.

An additional finish that can also be applied is spot UV. This is a high gloss varnish that is usually applied over the top of the lamination and is used to highlight an area of your business card design. We love this technique on logos, it makes them really pop and look distinguished.

Foil blocking is another finish that can be used on your card. Traditionally the colours used are silver, gold & white but there is an endless option in foil colours available. We think that flourishes of this technique give your business card a prestigious and grand feel.


One way to make your business card a little different to others is to die-cut it into a shape or to have a style that is folded in half. This allows you to have more information within the design. This stand-out technique used on appointment cards, vouchers or tell-a-friend offers is really effective. 

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Blog post by Mark Brocklehurst

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